The Beasties

When I rescued Lieutenant Dan, I had no idea she was missing her leg. The then property manager pointed this little kitten out to me. Said she might be sick. So I picked it up and brought it inside the office. As I set her down, I gasped. Her front leg was missing!

She was in rough shape too. Malnourished with an eye infection and chest infection. She was one sick kitten. Luckily, she pulled through and I decided to keep her. She’s my little Lieutenant Dan! Forrest Gump is one of my favourite films, so naturally this cat got her name from it. She manages quite well with three legs. You’d never know she was ‘handicap.’ Lt. Dan runs all over the apartment giving her siblings one hell of a chase.

Next up are two rescues I managed to snatch up in the same year. First came Cleo. She’s a sensitive soul. When I found her she was being terrorized by a male feral cat. She was maybe 6 weeks old at the time. I was able to chase her into the office and live trap her. She was so scared and sick. After her visit to the vet, it took me the entire weekend to get her to come around. I sat on the bathroom floor for hours waiting for her to come out from behind the toilet. She eventually did and has been my girl ever since.

With feral kittens, it takes some time for them to trust you. All they’ve known their whole life up until the day you’ve rescued them is the outside world. Once past a certain age, it’s difficult to get feral kittens to trust you. So far, I’ve been terribly lucky with the ones I’ve rescued.

Her brother, Meeko Fritz, came later that same year. He and his brother use to come into the office freely. They were the friendliest feral kittens we had at that time. He’d been around for a week or two before he made it his mission to come home with me. You see, I had no choice with Meeko. He adopted me. I’ll never forget the afternoon I was leaving work. He greeted me outside as he usually did, but this time he chased me down the side walk crying. My heart melted. I got home to my parents and felt awful for leaving him behind. I immediately went back for him. As I approached him and called out to him, he ran off the back porch and jumped into my arms. I knew it was the right decision bringing him home. Since then, he’s developed multiple personalities and is an absolute joy to have in my life.

Up until November 3, 2015, I had four cats. This last one was my baby girl. She was my companion for 11 years. Although she’s no longer with me, she’s still in my heart and deserves a mention on this new blogging adventure I’m on.

I introduce to you, Bella. I found her in my trash can in Peterborough while at university. She wasn’t more than 3 weeks old at the time and she fit in the palm of my hand. From the start she proved to be a little hellion. Friends and family referred to her as the seed of Satan. She eventually grew out of that attitude, although my sister would disagree. 😉

My Babygirl, Bella ❤

Over the years, she proved to be the most loyal cat I had the pleasure of owning. Her cling-on routine was something I grew to love and now dearly miss. As many animal lovers know, losing a pet is never easy. Her loss is a struggle still. I was lucky to have found her 11 years ago and I’ll treasure the memories we’ve shared.





July 2016

I welcome home a new rescue to the group! His name is Forrest, Forrest Gump. He was a feral kitten at my dad’s office. Forrest was different from his siblings. He didn’t run when I approached him, but purred and kneaded the handrail of our ramp. At first, I didn’t scoop him up and bring him in. I felt I wasn’t ready for another kitty having lost Bella in November the year before. An hour later, I went to check on the little guy outside. He was still waiting on the handrail and I could hear him purr as soon as he spotted me in the window of the door.

I opened the door and stepped outside. His tail went straight up and his purrs got even louder. So I picked him up and he just melted into my arms. Looking in his eyes, I knew I couldn’t leave him outside. I brought him in and at lunch time, I gave him a flea bath. He didn’t mind the warm, soapy water on him. In fact, I think he enjoyed it. Once at home, I gave him a proper flea bath in the tub. Again, he didn’t mind being completely submerged in a warm tub of Dawn soap and water.

He eventually met the others once out of quarantine. It’s proven to be a rough path, but they will one day all love each other. It’s been a while since having a kitten in the house (although he looks like he’s about 5 years old!!). I have to keep reminding myself, ‘he’s just a kitten.’ I’m lucky to have scooped up such an affectionate, not so little guy.