Pandemic Check-In

Hi guys!

Long time, no speak!

I hope anyone and everyone who is reading this today is doing well, staying healthy and taking care of themselves. It has been a LONG 8 months since I’ve posted anything here. I’ve dusted off the keys and thought I’d check in on everyone!

What has your pandemic looked like, wherever you may be? Well, here in Ontario, Canada we have had our ups and downs. Our first wave had us in lockdown for quite some time. Rightfully so. We needed to get the curve flattened. Like most everyone in the province, I celebrated birthdays and holidays virtually with my family. I live alone and could technically join my parents’ bubble, but they’re considered ‘high-risk’ and I just didn’t want to take the chance. Although the virtual holidays were different, it wasn’t difficult by any means! We all understood what our PM was asking of us, and we happily did our part.

In the beginning, I believe our country as a whole was doing quite well. The Atlantic provinces closed themselves off to the rest of the country in their ‘Atlantic bubble.’ Other provinces put tight restrictions in place to visitors from other provinces, and a few closed themselves off completely. Our border shut down to land traffic from the US, and is still closed (thankfully) today.

Nowadays, I feel people are growing tired of the restrictions. Our shops and things opened up around June I think. Everything was going back to a new ‘normal’ with mask mandates and physical distancing. Certain areas are doing quite well following these rules, whereas other areas are not. Schools reopened this fall to a different structure (e-learning and co-hordes in place). Our second wave has been in full swing, I’d say, the last month or two.

Our cases have dramatically increased in Ontario. There are three hot spots that account for most of them: Toronto, Peel and Ottawa. University students are back and are throwing ‘secret’ parties with hundreds in attendance. There are strict by-laws in place, and now, the government is really cracking down. I think the smallest fine is $750 and the largest one can be $150,000. Why take the risk? Despite being a super spreader, why would you want to pay those fines?! It’s infuriating when many of us are following the rules for our own safety and the safety of others, and then you hear of these parties. It’s maddening!

So those regions mentioned above are going back in lockdown starting tomorrow. Hopefully over the next few weeks we’ll notice a decline in new cases. *fingers crossed*

As for you, wherever you are, what are your cities, regions, countries doing to combat the virus? Would you say it’s working?

I feel our government has done well, but the provincial governments have slacked a bit on controlling their own provinces. I feel this lockdown in Toronto is weeks overdue. But, this virus is a learning curve I suppose. Everyone is just trying to keep up with it!

Has anyone travelled during these trying times? If so, how did you find it? All my travel plans this year were cancelled. Our PM advised all non-essential travel be postponed. I didn’t think it would be as difficult not being able to travel, but I find it really took a toll on me mentally this year. I love to travel, but now more than ever, I know it’s something I need. I am privileged in the sense that I can afford to travel every year, and every two years internationally. Having that taken away was hard. At the end of the day, it’s not life threatening. I know I can give up travel for the safety of myself and others. And I am happy to comply. One day….one day I’ll get back on a plane!! Hopefully sooner rather than later!

Well, that’s all I’ve got. Despite the hiatus, I haven’t got much to spill. My pandemic has been quite boring really! Our office has remained closed to the public and our telephone consults with patients is all we will offer. We have made a few exceptions as this pandemic wore on….babies need to be immunized and pregnant mums need to be seen. So we have opened the doors to a few for those issues that cannot be handled over the phone. But for the most part, a majority of things can be treated remotely. Our patient’s health is our main priority, and keeping them home in a global pandemic is the best thing for everyone.

Well, I hope you are all staying well! I hope you continue to stay well. Protect yourselves and others by wearing a mask and keeping your distance. We are all in this together!

Until next time…

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