Twinsie Adventure: WDW – Our Last Magical Day

Sadly today was our last full day at Walt Disney World. If we weren’t already feeling blue about it, I opened our door to find our Tragical Express notice 😭For those not in the know, Disney’s Magical Express is a free service to guests staying on property. It picks you up from the airport when you arrive, and sadly takes you back to the airport once your vacation is finished. It’s the Magical Express on day 1, but the Tragical Express on your last day.

Today Chloe and I would make the most of our day! When we first arrived at the French Quarter, our bags did not follow. Apparently they never made the flight out of Canada. Not knowing this in the beginning, we thought it was an error with the Magical Express. You can opt out of grabbing your own luggage and let Disney do it for you as part of the Magical Express. You have to put on specific luggage tags, which are mailed to you, and they’re taken off the carousel by Disney and brought to your room 3-4 hours after you check in. Our bags did not arrive as scheduled and we had nothing to change into for our dining reservation at the Edison on our first night.

We were angry and frustrated as the front desk staff could not locate our bags. We were also annoyed that we would have to miss our reservation that night because we had no clothes to change into, and we were not going in the clothes we had been wearing since 4am. The cast members were fantastic, I must say. They gave us money to spend in their resort store so we could get ourselves some new clothes. They provided us a free bag of toiletries so that in case our luggage had not arrived by morning, we could at least shower and brush our teeth. We were upset that we were missing out on dinner with Emma and Anna that night, so they also comped us a day at one of the parks. I mean, they went above and beyond to try and help us. They were getting updates from the airport staff as well and called our room to leave us voicemails about our bags. Thankfully, our luggage arrived just after midnight! I don’t think either one of us had ever been so happy to see our suitcases!

Now because of this whole mix up in the beginning, we were able to get a lunch reservation at the Edison on our last day. This sort of threw a wrench in our other plans, but I had never eaten at the Edison so we took what we could get. We spent our morning at Disney Springs picking up last minute souvenirs and gifts. Our lunch at the Edison was less than expected. Honestly it wasn’t anything special. The theming and decor were fantastic. It’s a sort of roaring 20’s meets steam punk vibe. But the food was meh.

After lunch we were supposed to go the Hollywood Studios to use our fast pass for the new Slinky Dog Dash. We got back to the French Quarter to drop our purchases off in the room and made our way to the bus. The buses were not working in our favour today though. We sat there for almost 40 minutes when we decided it just wasn’t worth it. We had a dining reservation for that evening at one of my favourite places; The California Grill at the Contemporary Resort. Chloe and I both agreed that the timing was too tight to get to Hollywood Studios, get back to change and make our reservation on time. I’ll give ya a little tip with dining reservations…IF you’re running late, it’s ok! Disney has a grace period of 15 minutes after your set reservation time to arrive. They don’t advertise this, obviously, because they want you to be on time. But if you’ve got little ones who are being fussy, or your bus just isn’t running on time, don’t fret! They won’t turn you away within that 15 minute window.

So after waiting 40 minutes and no bus, we went back to the room. This gave us some time to get ourselves packed and ready for tomorrow’s departure. It also allowed us to book some fast passes for this evening after our dinner. We decided we would head to the Magic Kingdom after our dinner to soak up the last bit of magic we could! Since it was late in the day, we could only book a fast pass for It’s a Small World. Emma would have cringed at the thought of this, but Chloe had yet to experience it!

We arrived at the Contemporary looking our best for our final meal. Having arrived a bit too early to check in, we wandered in and out of the shops at the Contemporary. They also had their gingerbread display open, so we were able to take a look at that as well. It’s pretty incredible what they can do with gingerbread at WDW!

Our meal was beyond amazing. I knew it would not disappoint. The California Grill sits at the very top of the Contemporary Resort. You have a full 180 degree view of Walt Disney World. With Magic Kingdom to our left, it was the perfect backdrop to our magical dining experience. You use to be able to walk out on to the observation deck to watch the fireworks from Magic Kingdom. I’m not sure if they do this anymore, but we asked if we could go outside and unfortunately the answer was ‘no.’ Oh well, it didn’t dampen our evening. Chloe and I reflected on our week and discussed all the good times we had together.

After dinner we made our way to the Magic Kingdom. Just a quick ride on the Monorail and we were there! The sun had tucked under the horizon by the time we arrived, and the Kingdom was lit up beautifully. Main Street USA was abuzz and I was happy to be here for our last evening. Our first stop was It’s a Small World, the happiest cruise that ever sailed. It’s annoying really, but it’s nostalgic. My parents have video of my sister and I sitting in the front row singing along to the catchy tune. As we grew older, our parents would use this attraction as a form of punishment instead. No one ever wanted to ride it then, but now we go on it to cool off or just have a laugh.

We wrapped up our evening walking through the Castle back to Main Street. Wandering in and out of the shops, we snapped a few more photos before heading home.

I cannot believe our week had come and gone so quickly. I always feel so sad leaving WDW. But I know I’ll be back again soon! I’m just so glad I was able to bring Chloe here to experience it. I don’t know if she’ll ever be able to get back here, but at least she can say she’s been!

We head home tomorrow. Back to reality I suppose. This isn’t the end of our Twinsie Adventure though! We still have a few more cities to check off and a lot more memories to make!

Stay tuned for our first trip to the Big Apple — NYC, here we come!

Until next time…

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