Twinsie Adventure: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Part One

Our first stop on Chloe’s Canadian adventure is my birthplace! When Chloe and I were celebrating Canada Day in London, England all those years ago I had told her I was born in Halifax. She decided right then and there that if people were to ask her in the pub that day where in Canada she was from, she would proudly answer, ‘Novaaaa Scotiaaaa!’ She exaggerated its pronunciation just like that. The more drinks we had, the longer Nova Scotia got.

It was the perfect time to be visiting. The weather was mild and clear! Thankfully no snow in the forecast. I asked Chloe what she wanted to see while we were on the East Coast. All she could say was, ‘the light house!’ I knew she meant Peggy’s Cove, and we would definitely be making a stop there.

A friend of mine had offered his spare bedroom at his house close to downtown Halifax. Always looking to save where we can, we happily accepted. For the sake of anonymity, I’ll name him Michael. Now Michael and I had only just met that summer at a Highland Games. We had remained in contact and I had briefly met up with him on a previous trip to Halifax earlier this year. When he learned I was coming back with Chloe, he offered up the space. I was not at all prepared for what lied ahead for Chloe and I while staying with Michael.

Our journey started off like any other…we arrived in Halifax early so we could hit the ground running. But honestly, we didn’t get up to much that first day in town. We just hung out watching Chris Delia videos, which honestly if you haven’t heard of him please google him and watch his stuff. He’s hilarious. The evening went on and we were discussing where we would like to go with our limited time. Michael was agreeable to drive us to the out of town attractions which was nice. So let’s dive in, shall we?

Our first stop on our second morning in town was Lunenburg. The town of Lunenburg is at UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is home to the famous Bluenose, which can be found on a Canadian dime. It got its fame from its days as a racing schooner. This charming, little town has picturesque architecture and brightly coloured buildings along the old, narrow streets. About 70% of the original colonial 18th and 19th century buildings remain intact today! It truly is a beautiful little town to visit if you’re traveling the East Coast.

We wandered along the waterfront snapping photos of Bluenose II, a replica of the original. The buildings are all painted in vibrant colours, none of them matching each other. We stopped in at a little coffee shop before setting out across the road to an antique store. Chloe and I love antiques, and the store looked quite nice from the outside. Michael at this point in time was getting sort of short with us, as if we were taking too long in Lunenburg. Chloe and I weren’t on any set time line, so we weren’t sure why he was acting this way. We just continued looking through the store until we made our way to the cashier. Chloe bought this massive Union Jack and I had picked up a few items myself. We were really quite happy with our treasures!

We made our way back to the car and we are on our way to our next stop: Mahone Bay. This little town has been voted one of the best small town destinations in Canada. With tranquil views of the harbour and their world famous three churches, Mahone Bay has become one of Canada’s most iconic backdrops. Here we grabbed some lunch at the Mug and Anchor Pub. Fresh seafood and local brews are always a must! Chloe and I tried a local beer brewed with seaweed from the Bay of Fundy. Despite that questionable look on your face right now, the beer was actually quite good!

We didn’t stay long in Mahone Bay as we also needed to see Peggy’s Cove before nightfall. So our next and final stop for the day is Peggy’s Cove! In high season, this area is crawling with tourists. It is, after all, the most photographed light house in all of Canada (or so we’re told). We were lucky enough to catch this hot spot with very few tourists! The sun was starting to sink and the views were incredible!

Although we could have stayed for hours, we needed to get back to Halifax. We had dining reservations at The Pressgang. On the drive home, we were forced to listen to some good ol’ fashion maritime music. Which would have been fine had we not had to listen to the same CD over and over again. And not only that, but Michael would be singing along with every song. We couldn’t escape it!

Thankfully we arrived back at his house and we quickly got ourselves ready for dinner. We opted to take a taxi into the downtown as parking would likely be scarce and we wanted to have a few drinks. We were late arriving to our reservation because of a local hockey game going on, and Michael would not stop apologizing for it. No one can control the traffic bud, get over it! We didn’t care! We were just happy to be getting out for dinner! Our previous meals were ‘home made’ by Michael and not that great. So a night out was just what Chloe and I needed! We were seated right away at our table. As we all made ourselves comfortable, Michael asked Chloe to switch seats with him. He had his back facing the door and after some crazy story about why he can’t sit there, Chloe traded seats with him. Also, unbeknownst to me, earlier that day Michael had told Chloe that he would pay for dinner tonight. Chloe tried to tell him it was unnecessary but Michael insisted. As soon as the waiter arrived and asked for our orders, Michael told the waiter it would all be on separate bills. Confused, Chloe looked at me like ‘wtf.’ I wish this was the weirdest part of our night, but it wasn’t….

On a better note, our meals did not disappoint. Chloe and I both ordered some amazing entrees and switched plates half way through. She ordered the seafood risotto and I ordered the lobster gnocchi. Words cannot describe how rich and creamy this lobster gnocchi was, and the risotto was the best I’d had in a very long time! If you’re ever in Halifax, the Pressgang is a must try!

After dinner, Chloe and I were not ready to go home. We walked down the street a bit until we hit a pub that seemed pretty lively. It had the Leafs game on, so we went in. The only seats available were at the bar, so we grabbed some seats and ordered a pitcher. Chloe and I were having a great time! Michael, not so much. He wanted to leave to bar. He came up between Chloe and I, turned his back to Chloe and told me he was going home and would I like to join him. Umm…no. I wouldn’t and I wasn’t going to abandon Chloe at a bar like that. He seemed a bit mad at this point. He leans in and says, ‘You’re being hunted. 10 o’clock. Guy in the white shirt. He’s hunting you.’ –OK can we all agree that this is about the weirdest thing someone can say to you??! — Right. So he’s saying this to me because the same guy and his friend had sent Chloe and I beers earlier that night and Michael wasn’t happy about it. I told Michael that I wasn’t ready to leave because the game wasn’t done yet and Chloe and I still had some beers to finish. I told him to go if he felt uncomfortable being there and we’d see him later at the house. He left…Chloe and I celebrated! We were FREE! It had been such an odd day with him that we were happy to be rid of him at this point!

Chloe and I spent a few more hours at the bar just having a great time as girls would on a night out. We made our way back to the house and we were saying bye to our Uber driver. I think his name was Mike. So out we go saying ‘byyyye Mike’ as we walk into the house and guess what, Michael was waiting for us in the living room. It was about 1am when we stumbled in and he was waiting for us. The first thing he asked was, ‘Who is Mike?’ ooook… time for bed. Chloe and I locked ourselves up in the bedroom the rest of the night.

What lies ahead for Chloe and I? Well stay tuned for our escape from Michael’s house and our remaining adventures in Halifax!

Until next time…

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