Twinsie Adventure: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Part Two

After our awkward night out, Chloe and I were awake surprisingly early the next morning. Hearing nothing outside the door, we wondered if Michael was up too. Chloe tip toed around the house and he was gone. No note left behind and no text message sent, he was just….gone. Weird, it’s barely 9am. Where would he have gone? And furthermore, why not tell us that he was leaving?

Well we weren’t going to let it spoil our day! The weather was already doing that. It had started to rain at some point in the night and it did not let up all damn day. We didn’t want to wait around for Michael to return, so we got ourselves ready and made our way to the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21. Our taxi dropped us off and we made our way inside. Not feeling all that well, we grabbed a bite to eat at the little cafe inside. Probably not the best idea as I was teetering on being sick 🤢. Likely due to the alcohol consumption the night before and the very rich meals we had, I was in rough shape. And the headache only seemed to amplify that. However, what was really causing all this nausea and discomfort was the fact that we still had another night and full day at Michael’s. Not knowing how Chloe felt, although I think we shared the same views on it, we both sort of came up with the idea over our piss poor breakfast. Let’s get the hell out of his house….NOW! She was able to book a hotel for the night on the waterfront in downtown Halifax. After that, we grabbed a taxi and headed straight back to the house to pack. We were hoping to be packed and gone before Michael came back from where ever he had gone.

As we pulled up to the house, our hearts sank. He was literally pulling into the driveway himself. Damnit! How do we do this?! Ok…ok. We decided to just go in, act cool, and shut ourselves up in the room to frantically pack. As we walked in we could hear the music from the kitchen, but not the maritime stuff he made us listen to before, no, it was…wait a minute…modern pop from the radio?! Definitely not like him to be playing music like this. He said ‘hey ladies! How’s your morning been? Want some lunch?’ Is this the same guy from yesterday? He seemed completely different to us. We said thanks but no, and we proceeded to pack. All the while figuring out a way to tell him we were peacing the f*ck out! Chloe decided to take the fall, we would just say Chloe was feeling uncomfortable and that she had points saved up for a free night at the Marriott.

Alright, here goes nothing! Our bags were packed and we made our way to the kitchen. We told him what we rehearsed and he, again to our surprise, said ‘You don’t have to go! Stay!’ Very happy and upbeat about it all, he definitely was acting very weird. We pushed on and said thank you for everything and blah blah but we had to go. Chloe called the cab and we were on our way to the hotel. Man….it was like a weight had been lifted from our shoulders. We both exhaled as the cab pulled away.

As soon as we got to the hotel room, we dropped our bags and decided to grab some lunch. Chloe asked how I was feeling and ya know what, my symptoms were completely gone. I didn’t feel sick to my stomach and my headache was gone. It was as if that whole situation with Michael was making me physically ill. And worst of all, Chloe was right in the middle of it! Not the impression I wanted her trip to Halifax to leave, but we decided to make the last 2 full days count.

Our lunch at the Bicycle Thief was a dream. No wonder this restaurant comes highly recommended by just about everyone. It was the best place we could have eaten after all that we had just gone through. After lunch, with the rain still pissing down, we walked along the waterfront back to Pier 21. This time, we stayed and enjoyed all the museum had to offer. We were just in time to catch the tour too. It was better than I thought it would be. I love museums, but this one took me by surprise.

Pier 21 is a historic site in Canada where one million immigrants from 1928 to 1971 entered the country. It was also the site where over 360,000 Canadian military personnel departed to the front lines during WWII. Today, it’s a museum worth visiting! Chloe and I had a great time and it was a good way to stay out of the rain!

Since the rain hadn’t let up and the day was drawing to an end, Chloe and I made our way back to the hotel. Soaked to the bone and ready for bed, we decided to UberEats our dinner that night. With a movie on the telly and our dramatic day catching up to us, we fell fast asleep.

Our last full day in Halifax happened to also be Remembrance Day. We woke up early and walked through the city to grab some breakfast. With all the Remembrance Day ceremonies complete, the city was abuzz with families leaving the epitaph likely looking for something to do the rest of the day. Chloe and I made our way back to the waterfront. Today was a beautiful day, albeit cold, the rain was long gone! We stopped at a memorial archway called ‘The Last Steps.’ It was erected in 2016 as a memorial to those Canadian men and women who boarded ships to Europe for the First World War. 350,000 went overseas and only 60,000 returned. Where we were standing would have been where these brave men and women took their last steps. It was a nice spot to end up on Remembrance Day.

After our walk along the harbourfront, we made our way to the Alexander Keith’s Brewery. We were scheduled to do a brewery tour before our flight back to Ontario this evening. I had been on the tour before and it is truly remarkable! I told Chloe even if she wasn’t interested in brewery tours at all, this tour would be the stand out! It’s not like any of the other brewery tours I’ve been on in the past.

The tour gives you the infamous story of Alexander Keith. Yes, you tour the brewery, but you’re also immersed in the history of the building. Sampling a few pints at the end is a nice way to end the tour, but more than that you’re entertained with live music from songs of the past. Honestly, it is a fantastic experience and one worth making if you’re in Halifax. On your way out there’s a little gift shop where you can buy the beer you’ve just sampled, or try one of their many other brews. I loved the one brewed with seaweed, so we managed to buy a case and get it home! YAY!

Our time was wrapping up here in Halifax. The tour was a nice way to end our odd weekend here on the East Coast. We couldn’t sneak away from the city without one last word from Michael though. He texted me offering to give us a ride to the airport…..whyyyyy. We told him we had it sorted through the hotel and we were already on our way.

Maybe our time in Halifax might have been different had we opted to stay somewhere other than Michael’s, but it sure does make for some interesting stories to tell.

Chloe and I thoroughly enjoyed our experiences on the East Coast. Despite all the weirdness that happened, we managed to have a great time! It’s an adventure we will not soon forget!

Stay tuned for our next Twinsie Adventure destination: Walt Disney World!

Until next time…

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