Welcome to Canada Chloe!

Before I knew it, 2018 was just about over and Chloe was set to arrive late October! It had felt like forever that we had started planning our Twinsie Adventures, and now I’m anxiously awaiting her arrival at Pearson International!

She was landing in the evening, so my sister was super nice and let us crash with her for the weekend. Emma lives quite close to the airport, so it was quite nice not having to drive the 2 hours home after picking up Chloe.


After what seemed like an eternity watching everyone else come through the automatic doors, finally Chloe comes out! It’s been three years since we had seen each other last. It was a bit surreal having her here on home soil!

We scooped up her things and we were on our way to my sister’s. Emma’s friend, Anna, was meeting us at the apartment. We wanted everyone to meet each other as we would all be going to Disney together in just a few short weeks! As soon as Anna arrived, we went out to Nandos for dinner. For those of you who have followed along, you might remember Nandos being a love of Chloe and I’s while living in England. Of course we’d go there for dinner!

Having properly caught up over peri peri, it was time to crash. I didn’t have anything planned for this arrival weekend because travelling from Australia is rough. The jet lag can be brutal. I just wanted Chloe to relax and ease into her Canadian adventure!

We left Emma’s with much excitement to get home. Chloe had heard and seen pictures of all our rescued furry friends at Mum and Dad’s. She was excited to meet everyone! I had moved home earlier in the year to save up some money to buy a place of my own. It worked out nicely because I was also able to save up for the next 10 weeks with Chloe. My parents’ house was able to accommodate Chloe nicely! She had her very own bedroom so she didn’t feel cramped having to share a bedroom with me. She pretty much moved in as if she were living with us.

So our itinerary! Our first stop was Halifax, Nova Scotia. I had to plan this trip earlier on the timeline as the East Coast does get some pretty nasty winter weather. I didn’t want us getting stuck out there due to weather. We didn’t have to worry about accommodation as a friend of mine offered up the spare bedroom for us to stay in while we were in Halifax. Obviously saving money where we could was always a good thing. However, when it came to this friend of mine, I think Chloe and I would both agree that paying for a hotel or AirBnB would have been much better. Yessss there’s a story, or should I say stories! But you’ll have to wait for the next post for that! 😛

After the East Coast we are all set for 8 days at Walt Disney World! We’ll be staying at the Port Orleans French Quarter. My family’s favourite resort! The timing was perfect as all four of the parks would be decorated for the holidays. There’s just something about seeing Cinderella’s Castle all lit up for Christmas….it’s beyond magical! *not to sound too corny* ha!

New York City is next! Remember Chloe’s friend from earlier? She said she could house us for the weekend? Yea….that didn’t happen and it almost ruined our trip! More on that in another post though 😉

Leaving NYC in the rearview, our Twinsie Adventure keeps us close to home! Our weekend in Toronto was jam packed with Christmas Markets and the 12 Bars of Christmas! Did we get to all 12 bars? Stay tuned my friends….

How do you top that weekend in Toronto? Well Chloe gets to experience my family Christmas! Yes we were the jolliest bunch of assholes this side of the nut house, and Chloe witnessed it first hand!

After Christmas, we snuck in a quick trip to Quebec City! Chloe wanted snow? Well she got it! And the -40 temps that go with it! Needless to say neither one of us could really prepare ourselves for that kind of cold. It sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it today.

There’s so much and MORE coming down the blogging pipeline! I hope you all stay tuned to read more about our Twinsie Adventure! I cannot wait to share all the crazy stories and experiences we had during those 10 weeks.

Until next time…

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