2018: the year Chloe visits Canada

After my Christmas Holidays abroad, I needed to focus on what to plan for Chloe’s arrival in late 2018. She was able to plan a 10 week holiday from Australia to visit me in Canada. We had to narrow down cities in order to make her 10 weeks amazing! Canada is a rather large country and it’s very expensive to travel within its borders. So planning is key when you’re working with a fixed timeline!

We both knew that Walt Disney World was a must see/do/visit. She had never been and likely (sadly) would not get the chance to go again living so far from Florida. So Disney was an obvious destination. Chloe relied on me to pick the perfect time to go. Pfft….easy peasy! When the parks are all decked out for Christmas…that’s the perfect time to go! Done!


Chloe had a friend living in New York City. With free accommodation, we knew a trip to the big apple was doable! All I had to do was keep my eye on flights. If we got lucky, we could fly to NYC for under $300 round trip!

What else!?

Well, an idea popped into my head about taking Chloe back to where it all began….for me! I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After our Canada Day together in London, England, Chloe adopted Nova Scotia as her own ‘homeland.’ I hoped we could squeeze in a long weekend to Halifax somehow, and Chloe was keen! So now we have three destinations all set!

The rest played out fairly easily. Toronto was easy as it was only a 2 hour drive. We hoped to get there a few times while she was in Canada. I was also hoping of getting her to Quebec City as well. I had never been and Chloe wanted to see snow. Whelp, Quebec would definitely have snow November through December! I couldn’t guarantee snow in our area for her as our winters have become quite mild what with global warming.

Our plans were coming together quite nicely. I spent most of the year working on the details of it all. Planning Walt Disney World would be the easiest because as most of you who have read my blog know, I am quite the Disney aficionado. The rest I wasn’t too worried about. I had plenty of time to get things in order.

Continue following along as our Twinsie Adventure begins in the motha land. I’ll share any tips I can along the way!

Until next time…

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