Always looking ahead…

Well with the Christmas cruise in the rearview I had one goal in mind for this year; my bestest, Chloe, was coming from Australia to spend 10 weeks with us! She’d be here over the course of Halloween, Christmas and New Years. I’ve got some planning to do!

Her dates were finalized for end of October to the first week in January. During that time period here in Canada, travelling would be a bit difficult. As some of you may know, we get snow. Sometimes a lot of it. Keeping that in mind, I couldn’t make big travel plans without having the option to cancel last minute due to inclement weather.

The two of us worked together to figure out what our ‘must see/do’ things were going to be. First and foremost a trip to Walt Disney World. She has never been and likely will never get the chance to go again living so far away. I just had to add that in, and she agreed. She threw in NYC because a colleague of hers was transferred there not that long ago and we would have a place to stay. Done! Other ideas we had floating around included Toronto, Quebec City and the east coast.

With cities in mind, I could start to price out things and keep my eyes peeled for deals coming down the pipeline. Sign yourself up for email notifications from your national airlines. They’re always putting flights on sale. I’m not one for expedia or any of those sites, so I stick mainly to dealing directly with the airline.

In the off times we won’t be travelling, Chloe will see how uneventful our lives are on the day to day. I will still have to work while she’s here, which she is ok with since she won’t mind the downtime herself and there’s plenty of things to do in the house. We rescue animals, so she’ll be in heaven surrounded by all the fur babies.

Once the time gets near, I’ll start looking at weekends to plan these get aways. Disney will be booked fairly soon because of cost, fast passes, dining, etc. We’ll settle on a week that will benefit her the most! I’ll get into that in another post though.

For now, my 2018 will be quite boring until the end of it! Until then I’ll start putting away money and get some more ideas on board for Chloe’s Canadian adventure! It’s been 3 years since I’ve seen her — I was in Australia in 2015 which you can check out in some earlier posts! It’s been a long, long time and I’m excited to finally be reunited!!

Stay tuned for finalizing our plans and getting our travel on in 2018!

Until next time…

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