All good things must come to an end

Waking up on our final day on holiday has got to be one of the worst feelings. Knowing this epic adventure is coming to an end has me feeling a bit sad. And it was as if Prague knew we were leaving too. The rain had started at some point in the night and was continuing to wreak havoc this morning.

We couldn’t wait out the rain any longer. We decided we would have to just put up with it! So off we went in search of the Jewish Quarter. This walk should have only taken us maybe 20 minutes, but somehow we got turned around somewhere and ended up doing a big circle around the Jewish Quarter.

It wasn’t so bad though. The city is just so pretty, the longer walk wasn’t a waste or anything. We ended up finding a great little spot for breakfast where we got our bearings. Once we finished up, the rain was dissipating. See! Everything works out even when you’re ‘lost.’ Turns out, we were just one street over too far. We managed to get ourselves to the Jewish Quarter after leaving breakfast.

The queue was quite long to visit the museum. We didn’t end up going in, but I do recommend you do if you’re ever in Prague. It is one of the oldest Jewish Museums in Europe. The ticket price includes the museum, four synagogues, the Old Jewish Cemetery, Ceremonial Hall and much, much more. If you’ve got the time, and I wish we did, it would be worth a visit!

We wandered on, sort of aimlessly but with purpose. Stopping in for little things to take home with us along the way. As we walked this beautiful city one last time, I happened upon these stones in the sidewalks. I had read about these blocks before our trip and had hoped to find some!

German artist, Gunter Demnig, placed these stones outside the homes of Holocaust victims who lived there before being forced to leave. He has called it the ‘Stolpersteine’ project, which means “stumbling blocks.” You can find these stones all across Europe. They are there to remind people as they walk by these blocks, that there were people who had lived here and persecuted for their religion, ethnicity, politics and sexual orientation. Although these plaques, or stones, are quite small, it is said it has collectively become the largest Holocaust memorial. If you happen to see these stones on your travels through Europe, you’ll now know what they mean.

Our driver was coming to pick us up at 4 am tomorrow. We knew today would be a short one. The task of packing was at hand and we really were putting it off until the last minute. Although 3 weeks away was a long time for my parents to be away from home, I was far from ready to be flying back to Canada. Sadly though, that was our final adventure for this Christmas Vacation.

Home Sweet Home

Right on time, our driver knocked on our door at 4am. Our flight from Prague would connect in Munich before getting us back to Toronto. We were delayed a few hours in Munich due to bad weather out of Toronto delaying our connecting flight. Unfortunately we were surrounded by a young hockey team who would sit still if their lives depended on it.

Eventually we made our way to Toronto. My brother greeted us at the airport and we were soon home. My little furbabies were happy to see me. Too exhausted to even unpack, I curled up in bed and went to sleep. We had a day off before returning to our regular lives back at work. We needed that extra day!

As I look back on our 3 week journey, I cannot believe we had seen and done so much. There were things that could have been improved upon, sure, but overall the trip was more than I had imagined. I am so glad I was able to open my parents’ eyes to different spots in Europe. I can only hope it inspires them to see more of what Europe has to offer!

As for me, I have no travel plans in my calendar. I’ll need to recoup my money from this fantastic adventure. At the end of 2018 I have my bestest Chloe visiting for 10 weeks from Australia. We’ll have lots of things to plan for that! There’s always something to look forward too, even if the adventure doesn’t take you to far off places!

Stay tuned for what lies ahead in 2018.

Until next time….

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