Airlie Beach and Then Some

My next stop on this Australian adventure took me to Airlie Beach. Chloe had booked us into one of the hostels on the main drag. We checked in and went to our rooms. I mean I’ve stayed in some pretty bad hostels before, but this one was pretty gross. If we hadn’t already gotten some sort of disease by just stepping in the door, the washroom facilities would have taken care of it for you. We didn’t even feel comfortable unpacking our bags at this point. Our stomachs were growling, so we decided to find a place to eat before making any sort of rash decision about our accommodations.

During lunch Chloe broke the ice on the hostel situation. We were both on the same page about it. We quickly looked into other options for our short stay here in Airlie Beach. Luckily there were these self contained units still available, and only slightly more expensive than the hostel. Without hesitating, we booked a room! Chloe called the hostel down the street and complained about our lodgings for the night. We got a full refund! We practically ran back to the hostel to grab our bags and checked into our nice, clean apartment! I’m telling you, it was the best decision we could have made!

Now with that near disaster out of the way, we looked into booking something to the Whitsundays. I am not a diver or someone who would go snorkelling. Remember, I have a fear of the ocean. So we knew we wouldn’t waste our money on those trips that included those dives. We managed to find one that would take us to the Whitsundays and back, no problem. Along the way we had access to Daydream Island for free. A nice, relaxing day poolside would be just what we’d need!

The next day we jump aboard our cruise to the Whitsundays. At first the sailing was ok. But then, it wasn’t. I have never been so sick in my life! The waves were so bad! I ended up being ill onboard. But I think I was just the beginning of a long line of people who followed suit. Soon the whole back end of the boat was filled with sick travellers. When they make the announcement to purchase the ginger tablets, DO IT!

We reached the shores of Whitsundays…I couldn’t wait to get off this boat!!! As soon as I hit the sand and found a place to put our things, I dropped to the ground. Face first, in my towel, I just needed to nap this one off. Chloe opted to put on a stinger suit and get in the water. The suit doesn’t necessarily prevent the jelly fish from stinging you, but they say it lessons the blow. Yea….no thanks!

I felt as though the time spent on shore wasn’t long enough. We purchased the tablets before getting back on board, and they were kind enough to tell everyone when to take them so they would be effective. Needless to say I was not sick again onboard!

The next day we spent the entire day at Daydream Island. It’s a nice resort area just off the shores of Airlie Beach. Simply put, it’s stunning. There was barely anyone there when we arrived. The sun was hot and the breeze was just right. Chloe and I soaked up the sun, swam in the pool and I even put my toes in the ocean. But only just a little! It was a nice way to spend a day without the busy feeling of Airlie Beach.

That night in our room, I kept thinking I felt something just behind my ear. An itch I guess. When I felt the area just behind my ear I damn near jumped out of bed! There was something there! I told Chloe to come look and sure enough, there was a mark of some kind. It was purple/red in colour. Looked like a half moon. We were both freaking out. Not saying what we thought it could be….you know, a bug had gotten in my ear and was laying eggs or something CRAZY like that!!

We got dressed and ran down to the pharmacy. The idiots there kept telling me it was shingles. I work in the medical field. I know what shingles looks like, this is not it. We left there feeling not the greatest at that point. We’d be back in Brisbane the next day. If it should get worse, Chloe would book me into the doctor.

Well on the flight back to Brissy, it did get worse. Not so much the little medical mystery behind my ear, but my glands were swollen in my neck. I knew an infection was setting in. Chloe called as soon as we landed and got me straight to the clinic. And a lot of good that did me. I paid $60 for that woman to tell me she didn’t know what was behind my ear, and gave me a script for antibiotics for the swollen glands. She offered to swab the area for $125 and she could have the results back in a week. Mmmm no thanks, I’d be back in Canada in a week and can have my dad look at it. Sheesh.

At least we were back in Brisbane and pretty well laying low the last week I was in Australia. We had little in the way of plans aside from the Australia Zoo and I was meeting with my sister’s best friend for a hike in Noosa.

If you get the chance to see Noosa, GO! It’s beautiful!! Chris and his husband Cheyne picked me up at Chloe’s for our day of fun. They took me to the university Chris attended because he knew there would be wild kangaroo there. And there were so many of them!! I’d never seen them in the wild and these blokes were HUGE! Very intimidating to be sure. Afterwards we were in the Noosa National Park, parking was a nightmare but we managed to snag a spot just as someone was leaving.

It was a hot, hot day. We lathered up in sunscreen and grabbed our waters. Chris was taking us to Hell’s Gate. The hike is not the toughest, but definitely not the easiest. Make sure to have water and proper footwear! The paths are rough and uneven. We were lucky that day though, there was a breeze coming off the ocean which made the hike more bearable. The conditions proved worth it, the views are absolutely stunning. All the way up it’s hard not to stop and admire the sheer beauty of this place! Hell’s Gate was something else. I just wanted to stay there all day! If you’re lucky, you may just spot some sea turtles or even a pod of dolphins in the area!

The hike down was a bit easier, but going downhill always is. We walked into town and grabbed some lunch. It’s a busy place. We took our lunch across the way to an empty park. There was lots of shade the breeze felt so nice. We had definitely sweat our asses off on that hike, so we welcomed the cool air.

Chris’ friend invited us over to her home for a dip in the pool and some relaxation. We took her up on it! It was so nice cooling off in the pool after the day we had. I had shown her my medical mystery and she said, ‘och! I get those all the time!’ Whaaat! So it’s not a mystery!? She said it’s usually caused by the combination of salty breeze and sand from the beaches. All I needed to do was put iodine on it and it would draw out whatever was inside. She applied the first bit of iodine for me.

My medical mystery….

After we left hers, I told Chloe all about it! We went out to the drug store the next day and picked up some iodine lotion. I mean, I still don’t know exactly what it is, but at least someone could tell me how to get rid of it and stave off my fears of growing some spider family in my ear!

Anyways, that concludes the Airlie Beach medical mystery. All is well now. After about a week of the iodine lotion, the weird mark started to scab over. When I got back to Canada, another week went by and it eventually fell off. I now have a lovely scar to remind me of my time in Airlie Beach! Weird….but it’s another story I can tell! 🙂

Stay tuned for my wildest dreams coming true at the Australia Zoo!

Until next time….

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