Low Key Gold Coast Vibes

We’ve left Auckland, NZ for the Gold Coast in Australia. Chloe and I were meeting her friends Baz and Keil there to have a weekend of fun! I met Baz and Keil when they were in London back in 2012 while Chloe and I were living there. Baz is from Australia and Keil is from Manchester, UK. It was friendship at first glance! I got along so well with these two amazing humans. I was extremely excited to be seeing them again!

We stayed in a condo just about a block or two from the ocean. You could see the blue green waters from our balcony. It had some incredible views over the Gold Coast! A perfect spot for a weekend of drinks, food and catching up!

Our building had a pool, so we spent a bit of time there to cool off from the heat. And I was still trying to even out my now tanned thighs (from the burn in Sydney) haha. Afterwards, we put on some laundry, and we wandered around our neighbourhood to see what we could do for dinner.

The boys were set to arrive soon and the fun would begin!! After meeting them at the car park and exchanging long overdue hugs, we welcomed them upstairs. Both happily surprised to find some Canadian goodies awaiting them in their room.

It was mid to late afternoon. We decided to hit up the beach. We brought the essentials; towels, swimsuits and alcohol. Part of the Canadian goodies I gifted them with earlier included Team Canada sunnies. We all wore them to the beach. Now, not being all that adventurous and having a fear of the ocean, I only went ankle deep into the water. The other three ran full tilt into the ocean. We all warned Baz not to wear his new sunnies into the ocean, but did he listen? Nope. One big wave splashed against him and they were gone. I tell ya, I’ve never seen a more guilty face come out of the waves before….Poor Baz. I ended up just giving him mine. I could always pick up a new pair….he couldn’t.

We wandered the beach towards the city centre. It was a beautiful day with the ocean breeze cooling off the mid-day sun. Watch your step along the beach! There are bound to be jellyfish washed ashore. If you think they can’t sting you while like this, then you’ll be sorely mistaken. They most certainly can sting you! There were hundreds of them along the shoreline. I managed to steer clear walking further away from the water’s edge.

Once we arrived, there was a sand sculpture thing going on. And wouldn’t you know it, they were all Disney themed! They must have known I was coming….hehe. Honestly, they were amazing. I was blown away by the talent of these people. Absolutely incredible.

Our day was uneventful. The trek brought us back to the apartment. We showered, got ourselves ready for the evening. Honestly I think we got ourselves ready and stayed in that night. We had drinks and food….what’s the point in going out!?

The next day we were driving back to Brisbane with the boys. It felt like a long ride but I think it’s just over an hour. We arrived in Brissy just in time for brunch and we were starving. We parked at Keil’s work and walked to the waterfront. It was a dramatic difference in terms of heat here than on the Gold Coast. Without that ocean breeze, you can really feel the heat and humidity. It was almost suffocating! We managed to find a patio with some fans and misters blowing. It almost made the morning more bearable.

Afterwards we went to Chloe’s house for dinner. It’s the first time I’ll be meeting her mum and Andy (her mum’s partner). I was excited and nervous! But honestly, they were the most down to earth people. They made me feel right at home!

The evening went on as if no time had passed between the 4 of us. Conversations flowed easily. The food was good, the drink better. It was a nice way to finish off the day. Chloe and I’s next adventure would be taking us to Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays.

Our next adventure would prove to be just that; an adventure. And not necessarily in a good way! Stay tuned for my medical mystery, an almost abandoned trip and then some!

Until next time…

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