Excuse my absence…

I’m sorry I’ve not written in what feels like forever. This month has been one for the books.

I received a phone call from a friend I worked with at Disney. One of our dear friends was involved in an accident in Toronto. He was hit by a car while riding his bike. The car ran the red light going full speed (roughly 70km/hr). Jonas is currently in ICU under an induced coma. With a severed spine, I know his prognosis is bleak. Having said that, he IS alive and I am so thankful. His employer created a GoFundMe page for Jonas and his family (mum & dad) and with an amazing outpouring of love, we have raised just over $30,000!

He is the most genuine person I know with a smile that lights up the room. I look forward to seeing that smile again. While we all are still reeling from the news, we’ve been fortunate enough to lean on each other for support. We’ve started a mass group chat (all of us Disney cast members) and we send pictures of the good times. We know we’ll share memories like these again with him, but it’s comforting to reminisce.

If that wasn’t enough to have fill my mind over the last 2 weeks, my family and I had to say goodbye to our little Miss Minnie. She was a 12 year old shitzu mix who stole my father’s heart the day she was rescued. I wish it was old age that took her, but sadly that was not the case.

She had a brain tumour that progressed so quickly over the course of 7 days. Her ability to walk was impaired and she could not stop pacing the room. We made the hard decision to let her go with dignity. Seeing an animal suffer is unbearable, and it’s just not right.


The wonderful thing about having such a large family is the support that comes along with that. Knowing my Dad would take this very hard, we all came home to be with him. It was a beautiful day….the sun was shining, it was comfortably warm. We decided to have a bbq. I know it meant the world to him to have us all there.

So while I take just a mini break from blogging, know that it is not out of laziness or forgetfulness. It’s just been hard to sit down at my laptop and write. I will return shortly though, I promise you that!

My Australian adventure continues…

Until next time…

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