A quickie in Auckland

We arrive in Auckland for a brief stay before heading back to Australia. The accommodation of choice in this city was AirBnb. We could have very well stayed in a hostel, but our AirBnb was in a very, very good location and the price wasn’t all that bad in comparison to a hostel. It was an apartment, but we shared it with the owner’s roommate. For the short visit we had, we didn’t mind sharing. And bonus! She had a cat!

Anyway, Auckland is like any other city. We didn’t get up to much our first day in town. I was still battling this chest cold and quite frankly, needed a nap. Eventually we toured the city and did some shopping. We made our way towards the waterfront, which was just a few short blocks down the street. It’s a trendy area filled with all kinds of restaurants. We chose a little taco place along the dockside. Afterwards we grabbed some ice cream and called it a night.

Or so we thought. We’re all in bed when suddenly below us the music starts up and the nightlife comes alive. People are laughing, screaming and having a great time from what we could hear. Our host ended up calling the police at one point because the place below us was breaking noise violations. In any case, it took a little while to fall asleep. Eventually we all did.

The next day we decided to climb Mount Eden, or Maungawhau. Despite feeling like a bag of crap, I didn’t want to miss out on the views from the top! Mt. Eden is the highest natural point in Auckland. Oh, and it’s a volcanic cone! One of 48 in Auckland. It’s dormant, so it’s safe to climb. The great thing, too, is that it’s an easy 10 minute bus ride outside of the city centre. Super easy to get to! The bus practically drops you off at the base of the cone. Word of caution: wear sensible shoes!! This isn’t an easy trek, not terribly difficult either, but wearing flip flops will not suffice!

The day was warm and the sun was bright. It was a perfect day for our adventure to the top. And it did not disappoint! The 360 degree view from the top is absolutely incredible!! There’s a concrete platform at the top that you can walk along, or you can walk along the edge of the crater’s mouth.

Eventually we made our way back down the cone and walked along the street. I had finished the water I had brought and desperately needed to fill it up again. We stopped in at a little convenience store to grab some goods.

While out of the apartment, Chloe and I had some concerns regarding our friendly apartment kitty. She was an old gal, 17 I think she was at the time. All day long she would cry and cry. We would give her some food but she would continue to cry. Now having years of experience rescuing cats and volunteering at a shelter for cats, I knew that this was a bad sign. This cat was starving and her owner wasn’t giving her the proper food. Because she was so old, eating chunks of food is very difficult. As soon as we got back to the apartment, I ran out to the grocery store and picked up some food. Once I put it in her dish, she lapped it up. I just kept feeding her more and more. Finally the crying stopped. She wasn’t hungry any more! We relayed the information onto our host, who was eternally grateful for our help and kindness. She promptly changed Mei Mei’s diet to one that suited her frail age. Even being across the world I still manage to save cats! I was just happy to know Mei Mei would live out the rest of her days with a full belly ☺️.

Well our time is up in Auckland. It was a really quick layover, but I’m glad we got to see a little bit of what this city had to offer. But for now, we are on our way back to Australia! We are headed for the Gold Coast to meet up with Baz and Keil — two of Chloe’s friends I had the pleasure of meeting all those years ago in London. I haven’t seen them since, so this will be a nice treat!

Goodbye NZ! It’s been a lovely adventure and one I’ll never forget. I hope to visit again some day to see more of its beauty!

Stay tuned for fun in the sun, an Airlie beach disaster and the final leg of my journey!

Until next time…

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