Sightseeing in Sydney

I’ve been told many a time in my life that when visiting new cities, if there is the option to see the city from the water, take it! The city has an incredibly different feel when you see it from the water than it does when getting lost among the avenues and streets.

Chloe suggested we do just that; we bought tickets for a Sydney Harbour cruise. It was about 10am when we boarded the boat and set sail. It was a beautiful day. The sun was out in all its fury, but the breeze from the ocean kept the heat at bay. It felt so nice being in the heat knowing that back home it was -20º C. Even now that sends a shiver down my spine. I did not envy the weather back home.

The cruise was a fantastic idea. They take you in and out of all the harbours in Sydney as well as giving you a brief history of each area. You just can’t beat the views.  The tour lasted about two hours. Just enough time for my sunblock to fail me and burn my legs a brilliant lobster red. *sigh* I guess it could’ve been worse….I’m not sure how, but it could always be worse.

The cruise company we bought our tour from was Captain Cook Cruise The guide was fantastic giving us a good overview of Sydney’s history. They also provided some typical Australian snacks on board. One in particular, the lamington. I had no idea what this was, but Chloe made sure to grab us one so that I could try. I must say, it wasn’t half bad! It’s a sponge cake coated in chocolate and covered in shredded coconut. I’d say if you’re in Australia, you’ll have to try it!

After our cruise, we decided to head to Cockatoo Island. It’s just a short ferry ride from the mainland. It has a history that dates back to the early settlement of Australia. From a penal establishment (prison) to shipbuilding and dockyard repair, this island is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s definitely worth a visit. Nowadays you can actually stay on the island in a variety of accommodations from apartments to camping (and glamping too). Although being out in a tent during that day time heat….ick. It was incredibly hot while Chloe and I were there. Of course the new bright red burn on my legs didn’t help things either.

And so concluded our first full day here in Sydney. After visiting Cockatoo Island we made our way back to the mainland to grab some food. Of course we feasted at Nandos, our favourite place from our days living in London. It was so nice to catch up after last seeing each other three years ago! It’s as if no time had passed at all.

We made our way back to the hostel. Along the way we ran into a night market happening in our neighbourhood. Most of the goods vendors were selling weren’t that great, but there was the odd thing or two that was interesting and/or cool. Sleep came easy that night. I think the jet lag was still hanging on.

Stay tuned for… finding myself in leg irons at the Hyde Park Barracks and climbing to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Until next time…

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