A Disastrous Start

Ok so I kinda left you all hanging there for a long while! My sincerest apologies!! Lots has happened in the last little while that has distracted me from writing. So now I’m back!

I left off enticing you all with my terrible start to my Australian adventure. My AirCanada flight was set to leave Toronto Feb. 11 at 8pm. My parents drove me to the airport and we had a nice dinner before I had to leave them behind at the security check. As I waited in the long line, I expected my parents to just leave. Nope. They waited until I walked through the door and couldn’t be seen. They’re so sweet.

Anyway…as with past dealings with Pearson International Airport security checks, it was a breeze. I was waiting at my gate in no time. The flight was on time. Everything seemed to be going as planned.

After boarding the plane, we waited and we waited and we waited. Finally the captain announces to us that we need to go de-ice the plane. So we taxi over to the de-icing area. After that, we waited and we waited and we waited. What felt like a lifetime later, the captain comes back on to inform us that “something was spotted on the fuselage of the plane, so we must return to our gate.” At this point everyone was groaning and quite frankly, pissed off. We returned to our gate to sit there and wait for the maintenance team to take a look at our plane.

Guess what…..turns out it was NOTHING. But we waited over an hour to get that answer. So now at this point we are 3 1/2 hours behind schedule. And we had to sit on the plane this whole damn time. The captain comes back on the PA system to now tell us we had to go back to de-icing since we’ve sat so long, and we also need to refuel the plane. If a mutiny hadn’t already started on the plane, I thought for sure it was going to happen now. People were beyond angry at this point. It was so, so frustrating!

Our plane finally leaves Toronto. It arrives in Vancouver 4 hours late. The people waiting for their connection to Sydney, Australia have now been waiting for over 5 hours for our plane to land. They made everyone get off the plane, including those of us who were continuing on to Sydney. Yep, I had to gather up everything and get off the plane. I think we were in Vancouver over an hour before we were allowed to re-board the plane.

Meanwhile, in Australia, my bestest had timed out her flight from Brisbane to Sydney to correlate with my arrival. She would land about an hour before me and meet me as I came down from security. Little did she know that she would be waiting there a helluva lot longer!

The flight from Vancouver to Sydney felt unbearably long. I was lucky to have been sitting next to a nice, young couple from Ottawa, ON. Unfortunately, the girl had been suffering from food poisoning all evening. I’m thankful she didn’t vomit while sitting next to me. Ick.

After what felt like a lifetime of being on this plane, we were finally landing in Sydney. YESSSS! We were 5 hours behind schedule. Poor Chloe has been waiting for hours outside of the security/customs area. I had no way of letting her know how late I was going to be! I felt awful!

Not as awful as I felt for just having spent 27 hours in transit. I felt like I hadn’t showered in days. We were at our gate ready to disembark the plane when they told us to stay seated. All of a sudden there are agents walking down the aisle ways of the plane opening the overhead bins and spraying something in them. Myself and my neighbours were all looking around like, ‘wtf is going on??!’ I was worried about what we were inhaling….what exactly are they spraying in there??

The doors opened and we were finally free. AT LAST! I never wanted off a plane so bad in all my life! I was walking as fast as my legs could take me. I just wanted to get through customs and be done with this terrible day..er…days.

Have any of you seen the TV program, Border Security? I must have watched a hundred episodes to prepare me for what seemed like a strict Customs in Sydney. When I arrived at Customs….it looked nothing like the TV Show, and it was the easiest thing I had to get through. Well…that’s just fine with me since I’ve already been through the most awful flight of my life!

Chloe was still waiting for me, a welcome balloon in hand! It was the biggest, most needed hug I could have asked for! I apologized profusely for my tardiness and filled her in on the disastrous flight. We opted for a taxi to get us to our hostel in hopes that we could get there faster. It was an easy ride in, not knowing any better mind you.

We checked into our hostel. If you’re looking for a great place to book while in Sydney, I highly recommend the YHA Australia – Sydney Harbour, The Rocks. It’s in a great location, just minutes from Sydney Harbour.

We dropped our bags and decided to head out for some food. By the time we got back, my feet and ankles were so swollen! I just couldn’t do any more walking. The damn 27 hour travel day has caught up to me. It was only about 7pm when we got back to the hostel. I literally climbed into bed, elevated my feet and fell asleep. Whoops!

The next morning, I awoke around 4am Sydney time. I quietly climbed down from my bunk and got showered. When I got out, Chloe was awake and we decided to get the day started. We found a funny place not too far from our hostel. It’s called Pancakes on the Rocks and it’s open 24 hours a day. We were the only ones in the restaurant as it was just before 6am when we arrived.

Having now been well slept and fed, our boat tour of the harbour wasn’t until 10am. We had some time to kill. We just wandered along the waterfront taking in the sights. Eventually we made our way to the area we needed to be in for our boat tour and purchased our tickets. We then walked over to the Sydney Opera House since it was so close.

It was surreal standing there in front of it. After 2 years of planning, I was finally here! It’s prettier in person than I thought it would be. Incredible, really. The day was warming up and we could feel the threat of the sun already bearing down on us. We decided to grab a coffee at one of the local cafes along the Harbour. Now for all you iced coffee lovers out there, this is a warning. When ordering an iced coffee in Sydney, it literally is coffee with ice cream in it. The waitress put it down in front of me and I was so confused. I stopped the next waiter and said to him, ‘I just wanted an iced coffee, not this.’ After he looked a bit confused, I had to clarify that I wanted coffee with ice in it, not ice cream. I eventually got my iced coffee. I’m not sure if every place serves them up like that, I didn’t order one again until later in the trip (at a McDonald’s where I knew they knew what an iced coffee was).

Anyway….it was time for our Harbour Cruise! But you’ll have to wait until next time for that story 😉 .

Until next time….stay tuned for failing sunscreen and cruising through the Sydney Harbour.

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