I left my heart in Ravello…

The last couple of days in Italy were spent exploring the island of Capri. We also toured the Amalfi Coast by bus. It was a dream come true ending to an amazing adventure!

To start, we took a ferry from Sorrento to Capri. The island itself is comprised of two towns, Capri and Anacapri. The latter is at a higher elevation on the slope of Mt. Solaro. As we were approaching the island, it didn’t look like much. Actually, I was a bit thrown because it looked like a dump. But after disembarking the boat and onto our little shuttle, I realized the beauty of the island is not in the area where we docked.

As we travel up the slope of the mountain, Capri begins to show itself. Before we stopped here though, we decided to keep on moving up the mountain to Anacapri. It’s a small town that is much quieter than Capri. It has less tourists and is a bit more budget friendly in terms of its shops. We had about an hour to wander around. While some decided to hike to the edge of a cliff, Mum and I opted to peruse the local artisan shops to see what trinkets we could find. It was a beautiful day. I enjoyed being away from the rest of the group to be honest.

Once everyone was back from their hike, it was time to head back down the mountain to Capri. It’s a short bus ride down; only about 3km I believe. Capri is much more touristy. It’s very busy compared to Anacapri. The shopping is high end, the hotels are pricey and in general you lose that feeling of being in a quaint village. It’s just as beautiful though with the stunning views of the ocean. The colours seem so vivid in our surroundings.

Our day on the island was drawing to a close. We hopped on our shuttle back down to the docks to load onto the boat. It was a nice escape from the mainland. I wasn’t overly impressed by it though. I don’t think I’ll put Capri on my ‘must return’ list. I’m grateful to have seen it and experienced all that it could offer in a short amount of time.

Our last full day in Italy…

Today we had a trek ahead of us! It was time to drive the Amalfi Coast! This is something I had on my bucket list all those years ago in university. I couldn’t believe that today was finally the day I was going to see this infamous coast with my own eyes! Our shuttle was super tiny and I felt pretty cramped. I didn’t even have anyone sitting next to me, and I still felt like I was three sizes too big for the space.

Now if you get sick on car/bus rides like this, I wouldn’t recommend it. Try the boat cruise, unless you get sea sick…..then I’m out of ideas for you! Luckily, I didn’t get sick on this bus ride. I just kept my eyes out to the sea and I tricked myself into not feeling the hair-pin turns that our bus was speeding through.

Our first stop was Positano. We got off the bus because it was much easier to walk this little town than to drive it. People maneuver about via steep stairs and small laneways. It’s just as beautiful as everyone describes it to be! We wandered from one end of the town to the ocean. There are artisan shops everywhere you turn. It was so quiet and utterly peaceful here!

Ravello was our next stop. Unlike the rest of the towns on the Amalfi Coast, Ravello doesn’t sit on the sea. It’s nestled up on cliffs of the mountainside. My parents and I wandered around the town while soaking up the views of the terraced gardens. It’s got a different feel than Positano. I can’t quite explain it. I liked Ravello the most out of the three towns we visited that day. The Duomo is subtly stunning. It sits in the main square (Piazza Vescovado), you can’t miss it. I was searching for these knick knacks I had seen all around the town. They’re little blue donkeys….weird, I know. But in the past, the donkeys were used to cart around the lemons that were grown by local farmers. They’re silly and cute. I ended up finding two that I loved in a tiny little store in the main square.

Our last stop for the afternoon was the town of Amalfi. We were pretty hungry at this point, but dinner was back in Sorrento. We opted to find a little snack in the mean time. Wandering through the main street, we past a few places that were serving gelato. After coming across an area of town that smelled so badly of fish, we turned around and headed back for gelato. The smell was so intense, I thought I was going to be sick in the street! Bleh!

We enjoyed our ice cream and took in the sites. Our time was quite limited here as we did spend a bit longer in Positano and Ravello. I wasn’t looking forward to being crammed into that tiny busy for our trip home. We stopped along the way to take some breathtaking photos of the coastline. It is devastatingly beautiful. It should be on your ‘must see’ lists!!

Once in Sorrento, we opted out of the big group dinner. Instead, we went back to our favourite spot La Lanterna! We couldn’t resist their food and atmosphere. It was a delicious way to end our stay in Sorrento. Tomorrow we would be leaving for Naples to catch our flight back to London.

I would highly recommend making Sorrento your base camp for exploring this part of Italy. It’s so easy these days booking day tours from this town. They have a day trip for just about everything here!

I’m sad to be leaving this amazing place behind. I have enjoyed my entire trip here in Italy. My bucket list was now complete and I couldn’t be happier! Although this journey is coming to an end, it definitely won’t be the end of my adventure called life.

Stay tuned for my last night in London and my return home to Canada.

Until next time…..

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