Prague : Practically Perfect in Every Way

Day 1

Here’s to one of my last travel days on my Euro Blitz! We are leaving Berlin and making our way to Prague via a four hour train journey. Four hours on the rails seems like nothing having just completed a six hour journey just a few short days ago! This will be easy peasy!

Again, we managed to find our way around Central Station Berlin. Sandra and I picked up some magazines and snacks for our trip. We boarded the train to a six person compartment. Our fellow travellers were from Germany and Chicago. In the beginning we all chatted, getting to  know one another. I mean, we’d be spending the next four hours with them, we might as well get to know them! They were all really nice. The girl from Germany was checking into the same hostel as us, so we had an extra companion once we reached Prague.

It’s always fun meeting people when you travel. I love hearing people’s travel stories and why they’ve decided to travel certain cities versus other ones. After about an hour, we all got pretty quiet. I spent the next few hours reading three magazines and had a cat nap. I awoke in time to arrive in Prague.

Sandra and I, as well as our new friend, made our way to the Metro. Once we figured out what to do, it was really easy. Most of the metro we encountered on our Euro Blitz was easy to be honest.

We checked into our hostel, Mosaic House. This was by far the cheapest hostel we booked during our entire trip. It was a 24 bed dorm, female only. The space was huge! Sandra and I got separated a bit from each other because you just pick a one of the beds of a bunk bed set. So I ended up in the back of the room, which was just fine. We dropped off our bags and made our way back upstairs to the in house restaurant/bar called Belushi’s Bar. It was easy and cheap. I ended up getting a free drink from the bartender because he ‘made a mistake’ on another person’s order. His mistake is my gain!

Afterwards, we decided to take a walk. Having sat most of the day and eating a big meal, a good walk is what I needed! This city is absolutely stunning! I have never seen a more beautiful city than Prague! It honestly has taken my breath away. And I’ve only managed to see the tiniest bit of it!! I cannot wait for tomorrow to explore more of this gorgeous city!

Day 2

For my first full day in Prague we decided to join the free walking tour leaving from our hostel. A decent sized group showed up for the tour which is great. Our guide was originally from the U.S. and is very knowledgeable. It was also a bonus that she spoke english. She took us around Prague from the Old Town to the Jewish Quarter and down to Charles Bridge. Prague has an interesting history, albeit a young history. I knew nothing about it to be quite honest, so I’m really glad I participated on this walking tour.

The day was beautiful. It was warm and sunny — a nice change from Berlin’s cool temps! I loved being outside all day on a day like this! Our tour ended at Charles Bridge. Our guide offered to take us to a nearby restaurant for good eats and drink. Those of us who stuck around made our way with her to a local restaurant. Although she didn’t stick around to eat with us, she did manage to decipher the menu before she left. Our meals were unbelievably cheap! We had lunch with two Americans from NYC and four Aussies. We were all regaling each other with our travel stories. It was a nice way to end our tour of Prague.

After a quick pit stop at the hostel, Sandra and I wandered around for a bit. Somehow we ended up in the shopping district — always a bad thing for the wallet! I managed to score some cashmere scarves for quite a steal! After spending some money, we made our way back to the hostel to get some shut eye. Tomorrow we are on our way outside the city centre in search of this elusive pool our guide told us about during our walk. If the temperature was going to be as hot as it was today, a pool day would be a must!

Day 3

I wake up today excited to lay by a pool for most of the day! I hadn’t expected to use my bikini this whole trip, so I’m quite happy to be busting it out! What I also didn’t expect from today was the journey this day would turn out to be…

It started with a walk down to Charles Bridge. It’s a tourist death trap in the high season, but today the way proved to be very easy and leisurely. After crossing Charles Bridge, we picked up the tram and rode it right to the end of the line. It seemed like I was on that tram for a lifetime :/

Eventually our stop arrived and we walked down the path towards what we hoped would be the pool. Boy were we wrong!! We took the path to the left because we saw a couple walking that way, so we thought it was the right way. We were so, so very wrong. We found ourselves at the nudist beach. When looking a little closer, we noticed all the people here were middle aged or A LOT older. We decided to keep walking thinking the pool would be just beyond the beach. Nope. Not a chance. Instead we came across more nudity and the area surrounding looked post apocalyptic! We turned around and decided this wasn’t such a good idea.

Back to where we started, we noticed some people with bags walking down another path. Sandra and I just looked at each other and said, ‘F*ck it, might as well try this path!’ It couldn’t possibly be any worse than what we’ve just come from!! Over the river and through the woods….literally….there was the pool! FINALLY!

I was thrilled to finally be laying poolside. It was sweltering outside and I was a hot, sweaty mess from our hike. This is exactly what I need! I needed to get in that water ASAP! Dipping my toes in first and OH MY GOD this water is freezing!!! It reminds me of the waters in Georgian Bay — below freezing and damn near impossible to swim in! Slowly, and I mean slowly, I make my way into the water. With the sun kissing my skin and the hypothermia setting in, this actually felt amazing!

After enjoying the sun for a few hours, we made our way back to civilization. The walk back was terrible. You have to climb the hill that you came down, which is no easy feat. It’s mostly stairs made from rock or tree limbs coming out of the earth. We were exhausted after getting to the top! We stopped at the McDonalds to grab some food — we had zero energy after that walk. We jumped on the next long tram ride back to the city centre and walked back across Charles Bridge. A detour back to the shopping area….then we were back at the hostel.

Sadly it would be an early night for me. Our pick up time to get to the airport was 7am. Our Euro Blitz has come to an end and I’m not quite sure how to feel about it! On one hand I’m extremely excited because getting back to London means my parents will be arriving in a few days. But getting back to London means no more Euro travel! I’ve had so much fun the last few weeks getting to see all that I’ve seen. All the people I’ve met. The food. New cities. It’s a bit depressing to have to pack it all in and head home. Waaaaaaah!

Prague to London

Our flight is at 950am, so we’re at the airport early. In a few hours we’d be back in London. We flew into Gatwick and grabbed the Tube to get back into the city centre. It seemed like such a long journey. But maybe it was because I had mixed feelings about being back. In any case, Sandra and I made it back to our flat. Now the unpacking begins.

I took over the upstairs living room with literally everything I brought to London. Once my parents arrived, we’d spend a week here in London and just over a week in Italy. After Italy, I was heading back to Canada. So what needed to happen before my parents arrived was daunting. I needed to do laundry like it was my job. I needed to pack a suitcase for Italy and store it here at the flat. I’d be staying with my parents at the Double Tree by Hilton just literally across the street from my flat. Needless to say it looked like a bomb blew up in our living room. I had stuff everywhere!! Thankfully Sandra understood and let me have the laundry first….such a good friend! 😛

Well even though my Euro Blitz is over, I’ve still got lots to look forward to. I’m excited to host my parents to London and continue our adventure into Italy. I’ll be crossing off another item on that old bucket list once in Italy. I better start working on a new list!

Stay tuned for walking my parents to an early grave, London seen from a new perspective and quality family time!

Until next time…

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