Disneyland Paris

Guys….as if I’d miss going to Disneyland Paris! Being an ex-cast member myself, I just had to check it out and compare it to Walt Disney World!

Luckily enough, our hostel had some discounts for the park. We ended up getting into both parks for like, €55. Not too bad of a deal! We decided to spend the day heading to the most magical place on earth. To get there was no easy feat, but we managed it quite well. Getting a good start to the morning, we made sure to arrive for park opening. However, we did not know that their hours of operation were different for on property guests versus the public. We arrived with about an hour before we could actually enter the park. Argh!

So we wandered the surrounding areas. We decided to check out World of Disney, their store. Now in WDW, World of Disney is massive. Disneyland Paris….um, not so much. It was just a large room with Disney merchandise. Needless to say I was a bit disappointed. We killed the rest of the hour and it was time to get our Disney on!

Unknowingly, this was the park’s 20th anniversary. If it is anything like WDW, they celebrate anniversaries in a big way! I was excited to see what was in store for us today. We started off on Main Street U.S.A. To see the castle at the end of the street is always a magical experience. And I don’t say that to sound corny. It’s really a different kind of feeling! It was no different seeing it today. The park wasn’t too busy at this time, so we could get some photos without a million people in the way.

We made sure to get on the rides that WDW didn’t have, and definitely tried out the others to compare. It was a lot of fun to see how different this park is compared to it’s Florida affiliate. I can see now where the budget goes when it comes to merchandise, park size and decor.

The merchandise was pretty pathetic. Even the anniversary themed merch was nothing to fawn over. I think I bought a pin and a hoodie. I only bought the hoodie because it got a bit chilly while we were there and I didn’t bring a sweater.

After Disneyland Park, we went to the Studios. This was probably the most disappointing part of the day. It was geared mostly to children with playgrounds and whatnot. Now some of you might be thinking, ‘Isn’t a Disney park just a giant playground?’ And you’d be wrong. So very wrong. Walt Disney World can be experienced in so many ways that you can go back again and again and have a different trip every time you visit.

Back to the Studios…Sandra and I just walked through this one. We barely stayed an hour over in this part. We headed back to Disneyland Park for a few more rides then began our long journey back to the city centre.

All in all, I’m very happy I was able to visit the park. Would I go back? Not likely. Although I do love Disney, I definitely would prefer going back to WDW than planning a getaway to Disneyland Paris. It was fun to be able to experience the park and get my Disney fix for the year, but it just didn’t have the same feeling as my home away from home in Florida.

We managed to get back to the hostel still in daylight, so we wandered around our neighbourhood for the evening. We made our way to Moulin Rouge and Monmarte. It’s such a beautiful city, it’s not hard to fall in love with it’s architecture and Parisian vibe.

Before heading back to the hostel for the night, we managed to pick up some pastries from one of the local patisseries. Who wouldn’t want some croissants in bed?! Tomorrow would be an early day to the Catacombs and then we would be making our way to our next stop on this EuroTrip; Brussels!

Stay tuned…

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