Day 4: Galway to Dingle

It was a much appreciated late start to the morning. Boy, did we need it! Let’s just say the party capital of Ireland did not disappoint.

Today would be a long day of driving, but it would be worth it because the pit stops today will be pretty amazing!

Today is the day I had been waiting for this whole trip! Hell, it’s the reason why I booked this trip! We’ll be visiting the Cliffs of Moher today!! I am beyond excited for this!

We stopped along the way at some mini-cliffs first. They’re quite stunning themselves actually. I sat on the cliff’s edge and could feel my heart beating out of my chest. The power of the wind from up there is unreal. We climbed up to the highest parts to get an idea of what we were sitting on. Even on my fourth day, I still can’t believe I’m here! Everyday I am blown away by the beauty of this country.

We gathered everyone back on the bus so we could make our way to our next stop. Arriving at the Cliffs, the fog had settled in. I couldn’t believe it! Our views of the Cliffs were completely covered in a thick fog!

As we made our way off the bus, I noticed that the fog was moving quite fast. I grabbed one of the fellow travellers, Diogo, and we made a run for it. We practically ran up the stairs to the very top of the Cliffs. We were certain the fog would lift! And wouldn’t you know it, it did! I had never been happier!

We stayed up there for what felt like eternity. I couldn’t tear myself away from those Cliffs. They are more majestic in person than any photo or film could portray. They really are stunning. Just, breathtaking!

The Cliffs span 8km (5 miles) and stand around 214m (702 ft) high. There’s a exhibition centre as well that sits underground. Needless to say, I didn’t spend much time indoors as I wanted to soak up as much of the Cliffs as I could!

We eventually, sadly, had to leave the Cliffs behind. From there, we drove into Dingle. We had a few hours of free time here. Food was a definite must! We all decided to eat at the pub, as a family, again. 🙂 After some food and some pints, we wandered the colourful town of Dingle. We were told about Fungie, the local dolphin. He visited the area back in the 1980’s and decided to stay. So every now and again you can spot him out in the ocean. The little town is so beautiful. There are lots of shops and restaurants to see. We wandered into a convenience store to pick up some water and I was shocked at what I had seen! Tim Horton’s coffee! Now, for those of you who don’t know, Tim Horton was an NHL player from back in the day. A coffee shop was born with his name on it and since then it is a Canadian staple! Tim Horton’s coffee is part of our culture and our morning brew. Anyway, it was here, all the way on the Dingle Peninsula, they had Tim Horton’s coffee!! Obviously Sandra and I bought ourselves a cup because we just had to see if it truly was the real deal. AND IT WAS! It was like a hug from home!

Our time ran out in Dingle and we made our way just outside of the town to stay at our hostel. This was probably the most disgusting place I have ever stayed in on my travels. The room had 6 people in it with one washroom. The shower flooded the bathroom within minutes. It was just so gross. After dropping our bags, we decided to get dinner at the only place available to us: The Randy Leprechaun. Sandra and I had a few pints and some food and decided to head back to the room. We figured if we could shower first, then the washroom wouldn’t be so gross!

It was early to bed for me that night. Unfortunately I was starting to get sick. Always the risk when travelling! Anyway, tomorrow marks the beginning of the end of our trip. I can’t believe we only have a few days left with Paddywagon. It’s been such an incredible journey so far!

Next up, Killarney! 🙂

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