Day 3: Belfast to Galway

Another early start to the day, but it’s another exciting day ahead of us. Today we make our way to the party city of Ireland: Galway.

Before leaving Belfast, Funkie (our driver) stopped at the infamous docks where the Titanic was built. It’s hard to get excited over a large hole in the ground, but it’s the spot where the most famous ship was ever built! I thought it was fun to see.

Anyway, back on the bus we were 15 people short. Much of our initial group left this morning because they only signed on for a 3 day trip with Paddywagon. It was sad to see them go. But the rest of us were in it for the long haul! So let’s go!

Our first stop of the day was at Glencar Waterfall. It’s no Niagara Falls, but it’s something to see. Set back into the mountain, it is beautiful with the lush greenery surrounding it. You walk along a path toward the waterfall. It wasn’t too busy when we were there, so we could take our time with the little trek. It’s not a far walk to be honest. So you reach the waterfall and continue along the path to circle back towards the parking lot. It’s a serene spot to have a pitstop.

Moving on from here, we took a short drive to Drumcliffe Church. It’s best known for the final resting place of W. B. Yeats. It’s a pretty little spot. It has a gift store and coffee shop. We didn’t spend too much time here. We were back on the bus before too long and making our way along the coast. We stopped in a place called Strandhill for a bite to eat. A few of us wandered towards the beach to sit for a while. There on the rocks I had an overwhelming sense of being home. Being in this spot, it reminded me of being at the cottage with its rocky beach. Also, behind me, was a place called Maple Moose. How can a Canadian not feel at home when the words ‘maple’ and ‘moose’ are looming behind her?!

We finally made it to Galway! We were all excited to have a great night out together. And Galway did not disappoint. We had dinner and drinks…..lots of drinks… a pub nearby the hostel. We had a few new people join us on this leg of our trip, so it was time to get to know the newbies.

So it was another night with our travelling family, getting to know each other. It’s nights like these that create memories that last a lifetime. And it’s nights like these that make me fall in love with travel and the unknown.

It may not have been an exciting leg of the trip, but the next day was guaranteed to be a memorable one! It was the part of the trip I had been waiting for! We’ll be visiting the Cliffs of Moher! So stay tuned….more great craic to come! Craic = fun….FYI 😉

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