Rescuing cats keeps me busy…

Sorry for my tardiness in not writing about my adventures in Ireland. After the Canada Day post, I was busy doing what I do best; Rescuing feral kitties!

I’ve been able to save the lives of a few fortunate cats over the last few weeks. Lucky for me, they seemed quite humanized. They loved the attention and affection.

Thankfully, Animal Aide – a non-profit organization in a city nearby – helps me whenever I can save a cat from the streets. In turn, I volunteer my time, help raise money for their extremely high vet bills and I donate supplies as often as I can. I’m so grateful they exist. Without Animal Aide, these cats and kittens wouldn’t have a chance.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to! I’m catching up on all the new stories here on WordPress. I’ve actually just booked a massive trip for Christmas 2017! A holiday river cruise down the Danube! I wish I could have done it this year, but with two other holidays already booked, I couldn’t magically have money for this Danube trip.

As promised, I will work on my Ireland blog! It’ll be here soon! Until then, in the words of Ellen Degeneres….’Be Kind to One Another.’




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