Canada Day Abroad

I’d say Canadians have a pretty good reputation around the world. When travelling, we’ve always been told to put a Canadian flag displayed somewhere on your bag, so people would know that we were from Canada and not the United States. I remember a friend of mine who I worked with in WDW and is from the UK, asked me if we (Canadians) were offended when asked if we were American. The answer, of course, is yes. He asked an American if they were offended when mistakenly called Canadian, and she said no. Interesting, right?

Anyway, being a proud Canadian and living abroad, Canada Day was fast approaching! July 1st weekend back home consists of going to the cottage for some sun and fun, family BBQ’s and overall just a great weekend to celebrate Canada’s birthday. However, I wasn’t in Canada this time around and was a bit saddened by it.

London hosts an amazing Canada Day party for all the Canadians living in the city. It’s one of the largest parties outside of Canada  to celebrate our beautiful country. Located in Trafalgar Square, they host a variety of activities. Usually a Canadian band will perform; I think Our Lady Peace was there when I was celebrating in London. There was a pancake breakfast, which Chloe was excited for because she had never tasted maple syrup before then. Yessss…never. She’s from Australia, I don’t even think its an imported good there.

We donned our red and white. You should always pack a flag of your country whenever you live abroad. You never know when you may need it. I, of course, knew I needed it to represent at the Olympic Games. But it sure came in handy for Canada Day. Myself and my roommate, both Canadian, left our flat to meet with Chloe, our honorary Canadian. If anyone asked, she was from Nova Scotia. 😛

We made our way to Trafalgar Square, which was literally minutes from our flat. People driving past us were yell out ‘have a great day’ or ‘happy canada day!’ to us. They could have thought us nuts dressed up with flags and what not, but they welcomed it.

Arriving at Trafalgar Square, it was already packed full of Canadians. We managed to get into the tent for pancakes before the que was too crazy. Chloe enjoyed her maple syrup experience. I told her she’d just have to come to Canada to try to real stuff….not the weird knock off stuff they were serving. After the pancakes, a ball hockey tournament was underway. We watched for a bit before wandering on to see what else was happening in the Square. Eventually we made our way back to Covent Garden to settle in at the Maple Leaf pub. We wanted to get there early because we knew it would be slammed.

Sandra was working that day, so we were able to celebrate with her as she worked her ass off serving endless amounts of Moosehead. It didn’t take long for this place to fill up. It was great being surrounded by your fellow country men and women. To be united for this celebratory day was almost like being home. Almost…

We stayed at the pub practically all day and night. I don’t even remember when we left.I know that Chloe and I stumbled down to Nandos before heading home. I got Chloe to the underground and I wandered home to find my roommate sitting on the stairs. She had just gotten in herself. I’m not sure how we lost her, but it’s safe to say she had a good Canada Day.

Despite not being home for Canada Day that year, London was a good substitute. They host a pretty good party for us. So if you’re Canadian and living in London, it’s a party not to be missed!!

Canada Day is just next weekend!  This year, I’ll be back up at the cottage with the family enjoying some good food, drink and paying homage to a country I am so lucky to call home.

For all my fellow Canadian readers, HAPPY CANADA DAY! xo

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