Barcelona: malo malo malo

Ok so going backwards here for a moment. I mentioned my Barcelona weekend getaway with the girls. Right. So it was pretty much the worst trip I had taken while living abroad. It was decided that we would go for my friend’s birthday — she said each one of us should choose a destination for our birthday weekends. Little did I know, our friendship wouldn’t last the weekend. This great birthday weekend getaway was a one time thing.

I invited Chloe, my new bff from my crappy job. We pretty much were friends at first site. I told her we were destined to be friends because of our similar interests, hatred of certain things and our overall use of sarcasm. And to this day we are the bestest of friends despite living on opposite ends of the Earth….literally.

We landed in Barcelona fairly early and we hit the ground running. Having checked into the hostel quickly, we were already on our way to La Ramblas. It’s as busy as everyone said it would be. We were warned about the pickpockets in the city. So needless to say we held on tight to our purses. Our first mission was to find food. This proved to be the most difficult thing in the world. We had two vegetarians travelling with us and there were little to no restaurants that had a veggie option. I honestly don’t even remember where we ended up. Once that was out of the way, we could wander the streets  and enjoy the sights.

I hadn’t done any planning for this trip because the birthday girl had done it all for us. We just followed her lead. The first day in Barcelona we managed their underground metro. Other than being extremely busy — due to a football game — it wasn’t too hard to figure out where we were going. Our first stop: Olympic Park. Barcelona hosted the Games in 1992. It was fun being in another Olympic city. Everything has been maintained very well although I’m not so sure how often these buildings get used. There is a light and water show at the main fountain every weekend. We ending up catching a show that was themed to a variety of Disney songs. How perfect was that!


As the sun went down, along came the clouds and eventual rain. We had wandered all over the city by this point looking for some champagne bar — we’re pretty sure it didn’t exist, but one of the girls was insistent on finding it. I managed to sprain my ankle while walking around in the rain. It made for a longer than necessary wander, that’s for sure.

By the next morning my ankle was very swollen and in a lot of pain. I didn’t want to be a ‘debbie downer’ so I popped some pills and carried on. We set off to see the Gaudi buildings. They’re well known as being quite unique and intricately designed. They’re definitely not cookie-cutter buildings. After spotting two or three of them, we made our way to Familia Sagrada. It would have been stunning had it not been under construction. Parts of it were covered in scaffolding and sheets. It really took away from its impressive design and size.


All of us had been quite disappointed by that, so we set off towards the water. We wandered through a market and park to end up at the ocean. At that point, I just couldn’t be on my feet any longer. The pills weren’t helping the excruciating pain of my ankle. So Chloe and I headed back to the hostel. I spent the rest of my evening in bed with my foot elevated and iced. It was also spent being terrified of one of the hostel workers. He brought me a frozen water bottle and proceeded to rape my ankle with it. I was mortified! Chloe kept telling him to stop and he kept mumbling that it would help. Finally she managed to get him out of the room. We promptly locked the door and hoped he wouldn’t bother us again.

It was about 930pm when the girls arrived back at the hostel. They were beyond drunk and being obnoxious. One of them passed out on the floor on a pile of garbage. The birthday girl got upset because well, it was her birthday and her best friend couldn’t handle her booze and is now laying lifeless on a bag of trash. I remember Chloe picking up my friend by the collar of her coat, up to about her knee, and dropped her. Twice. She didn’t even wake up.

The rest of the night was spent in silence while the birthday girl cried herself to sleep. In the morning we awoke to some awkward tension directed at Chloe and I. We weren’t sure why, but it definitely felt weird. This is when we parted ways. Chloe and I wanted to see a cathedral nearby and the other two wanted to see Gaudi Park. So we decided we’d meet up later.

It was a beautiful day! We took our time getting to the cathedral and caught it just before they were closing up for mass. We briefly ran inside to snap some photos before they kicked us out. The city was full of life that day. It happened to be their version of Valentine’s Day. There were roses everywhere!


The rest of the day we wandered through alleyways and had fun getting lost. We tried paella! SO, so good! Once we were back at the hostel, that noticeable tension from earlier hadn’t dissipated. Chloe and I were left out of the conversation between the other two girls. So we decided we’d head to the airport. I couldn’t wait to get out of that city!! At the airport we grabbed a piss poor dinner, although to us it was the best thing ever!

The rest of what happened that trip isn’t even worth mentioning because those two girls are no longer part of my life. What they did to Chloe and I on the trip as well as when we landed in London, is not what friends do to one another. I’ve known those girls for over 5 years and being treated so poorly was pretty hurtful.

Barcelona was a learning experience for me. You never truly know someone until you travel with them, and boy did I learn about my friends that weekend. Having cut those two from my life for their immaturity and lack of compassion, it just goes to show you that people can still surprise me. You think you know someone and then BAM, something terrible happens. Chloe, who I’d know for all of 2 months at that point, was a better friend to me than those two ever were. I was lucky to have her there and luckier now to call her my twinsie soulmate.

Such is life eh? It can be pretty unpredictable at the best of times. But that’s ok! These situations happen for a reason, and you can learn some amazing things from them. I know I did! Ya just gotta keep on keepin’ on!

p.s. malo malo malo translates to bad bad bad…you’re welcome 🙂

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