Single and Ready to Mingle Pt. 2

My first post about dating in a new city was one of those typical dating stories. Ya date someone for a bit, it fizzles and it dies. Blah blah. It happens to just about everyone! But have you ever been told by your date that he can’t go out with you tonight because he wants to play a game of squash with his boys? I’m for real…..let me begin….

So one of the girls I went to London with had a friend already living in London. We’ll call him…Brian (obviously  not his real name). He was from Canada originally but pursuing a law career in London. My friend had been wanting us all to go out to meet him for a while, so we finally had our schedules aligned to meet for some drinks.

We went to this great spot just outside Bank station called Pitcher & Piano. We snagged a giant table to accommodate us all. Having not arrived yet, we ordered a round or two before Brian joined us. I just remember leaning into one of the girls to say something when this gorgeous man walks up the stairs from behind our table. I jabbed my friend in the arm and told her to look. Clad in a well fitted suit and tie, he made his way to the bar to order a drink. Well into a few of our own, we just fanned ourselves like we had just witnessed an inferno. Hot men were not unusual in London. They’re literally everywhere.

Eventually this guy made his way to our table and immediately our friend jumped up and gave him a hug. She turns around and says ‘guys, this is Brian!’ After picking our jaws up off the floor, we thought to ourselves ‘dayyyuum.’

As the night wore on and the booze seemed to endlessly flow, we made a few new friends from the bar. We all decided to hit up the club nearby. All of us got in with the exception of Sandra and a new man friend she made. I touched bases with her before leaving her outside with this guy. In I went. Now at this point, one of these new ‘friends’ we made at the pub was really crushing on my friend. To the point where it was a bit creepy. We tried to shake him the instant we got in the club, but our efforts failed.

My two friends were in the loo when Brian came back from his pit stop. He said this friend of ours tried to sell him coke in the washroom and that we should probably leave once the girls came back. As we were waiting for the girls, said dealer was approaching. I remember telling Brian not to leave me alone with him and he instinctively put his arm around my waist pulling me in close. The guy wanted us to follow him to a table of ‘friends’ for some drinks. Needless to say we declined his offer and told him we were leaving. Anyways, a few minutes later the girls were back and we filled them in on the recent developments of our bar friend. We all agreed it was time to leave.

From that night on, Brian reached out to me and started up a mild flirtation. Whenever Sandra and I had the girls over, he was always with them. So we ended up spending some time together. Finally, he asked me out on a date. Just the two of us.

He decided dinner and a movie…typical, I know. I was sitting at work the day of the date and I said to Chloe, ‘weird, I haven’t heard from Brian about what time we’re meeting tonight. Best I touch base to see what’s up.’ So I shot him text asking him about tonight. At around 430pm, I finally got a response from him. The look on my face must have been priceless because Chloe immediately asked me what was up.

‘I can’t do dinner and a movie tonight. I’m sorry. The boys want to play squash, so I think I’m going to join them.’

WHO THE F*CK DOES THIS?! What man, in their right mind, gives up a date with any woman to play squash?! Who plays squash anyway!?!? All I could do was laugh. It’s honestly the first time I’ve been passed up for squash.

I told the rest of the girls. Dumbfounded just as I was, I told them they could make fun of me for the rest of our lives about this. Because when in my lifetime is this excuse going to happen again? At that point, I made it a prerequisite for dating men. ‘Oh, you play squash? Sorry…we can’t date.’ It would become my deal breaker 😛

He tried to make up for it later. But having learned a bit more about him, I decided he wasn’t worth the time. He apparently left a girlfriend behind in Canada on not so good terms. Things were still ‘on’ between them although he couldn’t tell me that. He invited me to a wedding but when I found out about this girlfriend, I turned him down. As nice as he was, I don’t need to deal with someone else’s baggage. And he clearly isn’t man enough to stay with his current relationship, or make the decision to end it. I don’t need a man who isn’t capable of making decisions. No thank you!

So needless to say, that was probably my most talked about dating story amongst friends. Expect the unexpected I guess!

Laugh off the bad dates and enjoy the good ones. That’s all anyone can do in this game we play. Anyone got any hilarious dating stories they’d like to share? I’d love to hear ’em!

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