Single and Ready to Mingle pt. 1

Let’s talk more about the good here for a moment. Not that these particular stories have good endings, but they make for some good stories.

Dating in a new city is like those vending machine games with the giant claw. There’s a sea of toys waiting to be picked up, but you somehow manage to snag the ugliest one. I don’t mean that in the sense that the men are ugly because let me tell you, the men in London are not ugly. Clad in suits all day into the night, they are some of the most impeccable dressers I have ever seen. And ladies, a well tailored suit to us is like lingerie to men.

So I mentioned in my last post that I had met a guy at the Canadian pub named Oliver. It was a short lived whirlwind of a romance. Having been new to London at the time, he took me on a walking tour of the city. I met him just outside of Hyde Park and we wandered down to Buckingham Palace. The air was crisp and there was no sun to warm us up. We arrived at the Palace fairly quickly along with every other tourist in the city. Everyone had their cameras out anticipating the Queen to just waltz out in her house coat.

We didn’t stay there long. Taking a side street, it wasn’t long before Westminster Abbey came into view. While we deaked in and out of side streets, we talked about his family for a bit and about my time at university. We couldn’t help but poke fun at my younger sister who is obsessed with Will and Kate. I couldn’t help but bring it up as we were standing right in front of the very place they were married.

Moving on from there, we approached Westminster Bridge. Big Ben and the Parliament buildings are off to my right and the Thames straight ahead. There were so many people out we didn’t dare cross the bridge to the London Eye. A tourist trap is what that area is! We stood, or rather I did, in awe of Parliament. I hadn’t noticed then that he was mostly gazing at me. A bit flushed, I suggested we continue on. And we did. We were on our way towards Trafalgar Square, passing Downing Street on our left. It was completely guarded and blocked off while people lined the street hoping to catch a glimpse of the Prime Minister. In Trafalgar Square, the city was celebrating Chinese New Year. There was live entertainment and a parade. People flooded the streets to be a part of the festivities. We hung around for a bit, but soon continued on.

We wandered everywhere. In and out of quiet streets and lively neighbourhoods. All the while getting to know each other. Despite being around thousands of people all day, it felt very intimate.

We ended the evening at a pub called the Wellington, a quaint spot that sits on the edge of Covent Garden on the Strand. The entire day felt like a blur. What felt like only minutes of walking, was in fact the whole of my day. I had only hoped at the time that more of these days would come my way.

After a few weeks though, things took a turn. We’d spent a lot of evenings together. He’d take me to restaurants I hadn’t tried yet, or hide away in small pubs for a drink or two. It was fun and I genuinely looked forward to seeing him. He became less and less available, claiming he was ‘too busy.’ So, not being one for waiting around for a guy, I told him to shove off — in a more colourful way as I’m sure you can imagine. No need to waste my time on a guy who can’t make himself available. I’m certainly not one of those girls who naively thinks that this guy is actually busy and maybe he’ll come round. Nope. Noooo way. One “I’m too busy” is enough but two or three of the same excuse…..See ya buddy.

That’s the game we play when we date. It doesn’t matter what country you’re in, it’s still the same game. It didn’t take long before another guy came along. But that’s another story for another day. And one that is quite laughable let me assure you.

Ladies…and gents…dating in a new city can be so much fun! It is a great way to get to know your new city. He/she might even know of some places that aren’t well known to tourists. At the end of the day, it’s all about the experiences you’re collecting during your time abroad. If you’re single and living abroad, dating allows you to see places and do things that you may not have thought of when you originally set out on your adventure. So put yourself out there and see where it might lead you. You may just end up with a good story to tell your friends later on, or you may just find the love of you life. Who knows! What was it that Miss Frizzle use to say….”take chances, make mistakes and get messy!”

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