Winter Blues

More often than not people believe Canadians endure winter 12 months of the year. That we live in igloos and we have pet polar bears. While working at WDW, I was asked by a young kid if I rode a polar bear to school everyday instead of a school bus. I looked at his mum as if to see a smirk or something to say the kid was joking. But she looked at me anticipating my answer like she hadn’t a clue as to what I would say. It was really hard for me to not to sarcastically respond to them both. They were both genuinely disappointed that I answered ‘no’ to their idiotic question.

Seriously…..our winters vary year to year. Coast to coast, it’s all different. Just because we’re called the ‘Great White North’ doesn’t actually mean we have snow 365 days a year. If that were the case, I would have left this country a long, long time ago. I am so not a winter person!! I was meant for warmer climates!

Despite my extreme dislike of snow, -30 degree temperatures and having to unearth my car every few days from a mountain of snow, the winter season can be quite beautiful. If you can capture its beauty quickly enough, you might just evade frost bite! 😛 I just did an engagement photoshoot this weekend after we got dumped on by about 30cm of snow. Needless to say, we lasted about an hour outside before having to call it quits.

My parents laughed at me recently because I told them I wanted to visit Scandinavia in the during the winter because of how beautiful it would be. Me….purposely planning a trip during the coldest time of the year….I can see why they laughed. But honestly, wouldn’t it be stunning in Norway or Denmark as the snow begins to fall and blanket the streets below? Next year, my family and I have decided to take a river cruise down the Danube during Christmas. I am so excited because I’ve read and seen pictures of the Christmas Markets in Europe and have always wanted to see them myself! So picturesque it seems. It’ll be an amazing adventure no doubt!

Anyway…my wintery post was brought on by the aforementioned dumping of snow we received this weekend. It’s a bit late this year, but winter has finally managed to grace us with her presence. Hopefully not for too long of course. Either way, I’m very much looking forward to my sunny south vacation in a few weeks!

I don’t speak for all Canadians when I talk about my fondness of winter. There are plenty of fun things to do these frigid times of the year! Ottawa’s Rideau Canal freezes over and people ice skate to and from work everyday. People build their own ice rinks in their front yards so the neighbourhood can get together for a game of shinny. Snowboarding in Whistler. The ice chasm in the Canadian Rockies I hear is stunning, albeit frozen all year, it’s not just a winter activity. Sampling ice wines from the Niagara regions. If you’re brave enough, you can take part in one of the many polar bear dips into semi-frozen lakes. No thanks, not for me!

See…plenty of things to do if you love snow and cold and freezing your butt off outside. Fun!

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