Talk is Cheap

When the idea of a bucket list came to me, it wasn’t just simply writing things down on a piece of paper and saying ‘yea, that looks good’ and throwing the paper in a drawer afterwards. My bucket list was a collection of things I’d been dreaming of doing. Whether it was a place I longed to visit or a more attainable thing like graduating university. Whatever it was, I wrote it down.

My original list was created with a friend in our second year university. After writing it, I put those words into action. I posted pictures of the places I wanted to visit to remind me that this wasn’t just a far off dream. This list IS within my reach.

Words are nothing unless you put them into motion. You can’t write a bucket list and think it’ll just happen without you working for it. That’s not the point of it. The list is your motivation. It’s your ticket to the unlocking a world of potential. IF you have the ambition and the passion to pursue it. It’s important to remember that you’ve only got one shot at this adventure we call life. We have to make the most of it!

Interested in knowing what my first list consisted of? Well here it is:

  • Graduating University
  • Going to an NCAA football game
  • Living in another country (other than the U.S. – been there, done that)
  • Visiting the Amalfi Coast
  • Travel west
  • Work at Walt Disney World
  • Visit the Colosseum in Rome

That was it. My list wasn’t big by any means. But the things I listed were huge to me. You might be thinking, ‘this list is all over the place.’ It is. But your list doesn’t have to be a streamlined theme.

My list was inspired by a number of things. My degree is in Archaeology and Anthropology, with an interest in Greek & Roman Archaeology. After seeing images of Rome and learning of its history, who wouldn’t want to go there?! Having grown up in Michigan, NCAA football was and still is a big deal. I grew up watching the Wolverines, and wanted to sit in Michigan Stadium with the hundreds of thousands of others to cheer on the maize and blue. It was incredible! Being in the United States also allowed us to visit Walt Disney World every year. It’s part of my memories as a child and to this day, we visit every year. So naturally I’d want to work there. And I did. But that’s a story for another post. 😉

In any case, my list was designed by me for me. Your list is for you. The important thing to remember here is that talk is cheap. This list means nothing if all you’re going to do is talk about it and not do a damn thing about it. It sounds good to say, ‘oh yea, that’s on my bucket list’ to someone who’s regaling you with their travels. Wouldn’t it be nice to say that you’ve been wanting to see the Eiffel Tower and did so last year? I think it would be!

My first bucket list is complete. It was completed in 2012. The adventures I had while unknowingly completing my bucket list are yet to be written. Good thing I kept a travel journal or I’d have nothing to share with you. I hope you feel a bit inspired to dust off your pen and paper and start writing down what you’ve dreamed of doing you’re whole life that has yet to happen. Fill your everyday life with inspirations of those things. Remind yourself everyday that your list is possible. It was Walt Disney himself that said,

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

Have fun getting your list started! I can’t wait to hear what you’ve written down 🙂


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